For over a decade, Southerland has been building one of the strongest, fastest-adjusting, and quietest on the market. Southerland adjustable bases are sold under two brands, InMotion Beds, our higher-end bases, and American Adjustrables, our standard bases.


EasyREACH® Technology

The wall hugging EasyREACH® feature maintains a constant distance between you and the night stand. This is most benefical for those with neck or back issues, or other illnesses. Both standard and EasyREACH models are available.

Quiet Night ZZZ®

Quiet Night ZZZ feature allows control of partners bed to eliminate partner snoring for a quiet nights sleep. Available on select models.

High-Lift Capacity

Southerland bases offer some of the highest lift capacity available on the market. The InMotion line can comfortably lift up to 800lbs, and the American Adjustables line can lift up to 600lbs.

Ultra-Quiet Motors

Your customers will enjoy the ultra-quiet motors of Southerland’s adjustable bases, allowing position changes without disturbing anyone.

Fast Adjustment Time

Southerland bases adjust in some of the fastest times on the market.

Simple Setup

Southerland offers one of the easiest setups for adjustable bases. Including no-reprogramming of the remote.

Model Comparison Chart

Brand InMotion Beds American Adjustables
Model B-26 S-86 G-94 G-96 AA-11 AA-17 AA-27
Lift Motor European Design and Engineering Chinese Design and Engineering
Lift Capacity 800 lbs. Heavy Duty Lift Capacity 650 lbs. Heavy Duty Lift Capacity
Lift Speed High Speed / Whisper Quiet Normal Lift Speed
Life Cycle 10x Cycle Life - 200,000+ Cycle Life - 20,000
Head Up
Foot Up
Remote Control Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless
Zero Gravity Preset
Remote Flashlight
Dual Massage
Dual Massage Timer
Bluetooth® iOS or Android Pairing Available Available
Emergency Power Down Available Available Available
Quiet Night ZZZ®
Under Bed Lighting
USB / Dual Power
Dual Base Sync (Wired)
Warranty (Labor, Parts, Frame) 3 Years / 5 Years / 20 years 1 Years / 3 Years / 10 years